• Cop Apologists: Darren Wilson is just one cop! Other cops aren't Darren Wilson!
  • Other Cops: *wearing "I Am Darren Wilson" bracelets*
  • guys: let's take up all the space at shows and force the girls to hang out in the back
  • guys: let's book shows with nothing but bands full of guys, despite the presence of willing female musicians
  • guys: let's make fun of girls who are just learning guitar and recording their own music at home
  • guys: let's patronize girls who play shows and tell them they're "really good, for a girl"
  • guys: let's do nothing to call out other guys' misogynist behavior
  • girls: let's be fairly treated and represented in the music scene and hold men accountable for their actions
  • guys: YEAH there should be more girls in the scene, but it's THEIR fault for not taking the opportunity to participate. guys aren't excluding girls- girls are excluding THEMSELVES!


when I see lbs I don’t say pounds in my head I say libs

People with minds like ours really need to stick together.

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Bristol DA Drops Charges, Says Protesters Were Right


Bristol DA Drops Charges, Says Protesters Were Right

by David Abel / Boston Globe

Bristol District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter knew the law. He also understood the threats posed by climate change. So for days he grappled with what to do about the two environmental activists facing criminal charges for blocking a 40,000-ton coal shipment last year to the Brayton Point power plant in Somerset.

Just as the trial was about to begin Monday, Sutter decided…

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